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TEDDY!’s ascent into EDM came on organically: already involved in music from early experiences being in bands she took the opportunity to spend time with a producer who helped lay her foundation, electronic music was where she found home. TEDDY!has been fortunate to have mentors who gave her free range of their studio spaces: Hot Slice was born from this exploration.
TEDDY!’s natural ability quickly sparked and she found her way around the basics quickly. She self-assigned homework focusing on the history of different sounds, styles, genres, and synthesizers. The better part of a year was spent researching technique and learning through trial and error; finally she began to put tracks together that she was ready to write home about. It took time to find her sound and then, like magic- everything clicked into place.
Like a whirlwind of fierce cotton candy unicorns, TEDDY!’s sound flurried around until she found what felt intrinsically right. Inspired by melodic and bright anthems, she finds balance by including harder elements and drum programming. She pulls components that may not be top-of-mind complementary- but just happen to work.
TEDDY! considers herself a newcomer in the grand scheme of things and is always searching for new ways to elevate her production since starting less than a year ago. TEDDY! hopes to carve out a place for herself in an industry where she sees so much talent; she’s simply ecstatic to be a part of it.




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