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Roman Samuels is an independent artist, musician, songwriter and producer. His style is Gypsy Rock: a rock n roll core with flavors of blues, reggae and jazz. This artist weaves bluesy guitar playing with twisty lyrics, powerful melodies and an impressive vocal range.

In 2014, Roman debuted his first studio album, No Longer Quiet. The light rock, freshman release showcased Samuels’s knack for writing memorable, meaningful songs. In 2017 he released two waves of his second full length album, Bedroom Lullabies. Bedroom Lullabies continues the theme of mellow acoustic rock with heavier flavors of jazz and blues. Bedroom Lullabies is set to be fully released later in 2018.

In 2016 Roman won a national online singing contest called, “Think You Can Sing,” landing him a production deal with the Walker Bros. Roman is currently working with that team on his third full length album to be titled, "Gypsy". This record will be an energetic fusion of blues, jazz, country and reggae. It is still pending a release date.


Roman was raised in Denver, Colorado, spent seven years away in the tropics of South Florida, and then decided to settle in Austin, Texas. When asked why he got into music he said, “it’s the air my soul breathes, I can’t imagine doing anything else.”