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Agent  Emergent Agency

​I've had the esteemed pleasure of knowing Megan since we were teenagers. Through out junior high, high school, college and all of our career moves, we have constantly developed our relationship, and I now consider her to be one of my very best friends. When we were physically reunited after I moved to Austin, she immediately included me in the development of what is now Emergent Music. I have been with her every step of the way, from the brand development and aspiring client relations to logo design and showcase events. And I cannot be more grateful to have been a part of Megan's dream.

Her passion for music is so rich and full of love, it seems to radiate from her soul. Her upbringing afforded her the unique experience of having musicians surround her with sound and she learned the spirit of the industry at an early age. It seems to come naturally for her. And with a beloved musical family, you could say that her blood is rich with harmonious sound as if it were being pumped through her heart like a golden kick drum.

Aside from her unmatched love for music, Megan loves only one thing more; people. And that is never more evident than when she is working with her clients.

Over the past year Megan has taught me about business, about the music industry, about promotion and advertising and motivational leadership. In non-condescending manner, she showed me the way she wanted her clients to be treated by being a living example. The most important thing she told me was that "music is an industry of people and relationships. Without a trusting and therapeutic relationship, we force our musicians to be limited in their potential, and they may not get the chance to be heard."

Megan is an educated professional who continued her education and understanding of this industry on a regular basis. She's always learning and inviting new perspectives into every decision she makes, while always maintaining the values that got her where she is today.

She is capable of establishing meaningful business partnerships and relationships with just about anyone she meets. The most impressive and inspiring aspect of working and talking with Megan is knowing that she will find the absolute best parts of you and show you how to make those shine bright. She challenges herself and her co-workers and clients to continue to better themselves and improve. She holds us accountable for our actions and expects a level of greatness that is typically reserved for the most professional of professionals. It is truly been an honor and a privilege to work with her to be inspired by her to experience the music industry and life with her but mostly to call her my friend.